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Synthetic wigs are essential for most people who want to cover the problem of severe hair fall or just add new styling to their look regularly. Synthetic hair wigs are extremely popular because they are quite cheap. Synthetic wigs despite their pros and cons are preferred over real hair wigs because of the low cost. However you cannot use hot styling procedures on the synthetic hair wigs and hence have to stick to the default style of the hair wigs.

But synthetic hair wigs can pose a problem when they become frizzy. You can either send the synthetic hair wig to a hairdresser for conditioning which is expensive or cut of the part which has become frizzy. Cutting the frizzy part will leave you with a shorter wig which you might not want. Hence you can use the following procedure at home to carefully get rid of the frizzy texture of the synthetic hair wigs. .

You will hair clips to separate the frizzy hair from the detangled hair, spray bottle, conditioner, hair brush and a curling iron. Though hot styling tools are not recommended on synthetic hair wigs you can use them to straighten the frizz on the synthetic hair wigs. Spray the frizzy part of the hair wig with water and then set your curling iron to the lowest setting. Using the curling iron as a flattening iron you can iron out the frizzy parts of the hair wigs and straighten them. While the hair strands a still warm you can use the hair brush to further detangle and straighten the hair strands.

You can also curl the hair strands using the hair brush. Let the hair strands cool down and then take another bunch to straighten out. You can first try the procedure on strands which are not visible till you are more confident to try it on the whole synthetic hair wig.


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